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Register all the domains that you need, we offer more than 250 domain extension (Tlds).


If you have a domain registered with other provider, you can transfer to Cultural Hosting and manage it together with your Hosting Plan.


You will be able to manage the DNS, create your own DNS, edit your Whois information, etc. Everything from a simple panel that lets you take control of your domain.

Registering a domain
You can register any domain with us, just follow the checkout process and provide the required data. You can start checking the availability in the form above.
How to transfer your domain?
The transfer process also depends on the domain extension. Usually you need a code ( EPP or AuthCode ) or an email confirmation (to be accepted by the registrant contact, that means the customer).
Are there any special requirements?
Depending on the domain extension, but not the most common. There are cases where it is necessary to reside in the geographical area to which the domain belongs.
How many domains are there?
There are hundreds of domain extensions (.com, .net, .org,, .us, .xyz, etc.). We offer you the possibility to register more than 250 extensions.
How long does the registration process take?
The registration process is immediate once the payment has been confirmed. The DNS propagation can take up to 24 hours.
I have got my domain , what 's next?
Ok, you need a Hosting plan to host your website and your email accounts. Why don't get one of our plans?
With those domains that you have registered to protect your brand, you can redirect them to your main domain.
What are the DNS ?
The DNS (Domain Name System), are a set of records used to point your domain name to an IP address (usually the IP of your server).
What are the Whois data?
In order to register a domain it's necessary to provide some contact information. There are four info blocks: registrant, administrative, billing and technical. From your customer panel you will be able to edit the data of the 2 first blocks.


NOTE : Web domains orders have no refund option, as once registered or renewed is not possible to cancel.