Terms of Service

Invoicing and Payment terms: Cultural Hosting will generate monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the contracted plan, an invoice for the client to pay for the contracted services. It is generated 10 days before the expiration date of the service, and the customer must make the payment within that period.

Any invoice that is outstanding for more than ten (10) days may result in the suspension or termination of Services, and after a period of 60 days from the expiration of the invoice even in the termination of Services. Cultural Hosting will not activate new orders or activate new packages for customers who have an outstanding balance on their account.

Fees or taxes: Cultural Hosting as intra-community operator of the European Union, will apply to the clients of the member countries the rate relevant to their country of origin. If the customer or their entity can provide a valid VAT number (VIES validation) (Vat Number), the tax will not be collected. The rest of the countries not belonging to the European Union are not subject to any taxation.

Price increase: Cultural Hosting always operates in good faith with the intention of offering a quality and stable service. Due to the specificity of the opensource software hosting plans that CULTURAL HOSTING offers, and the continuous evolving, sometimes the new versions require higher technical and hardware requirements.Therefore, the structure of the service provided to a customer may be outdated due to the increase in the aforementioned technical requirements of the software. In this case, CULTURAL HOSTING will reasonably inform the client of the situation and of the possible withdrawal or replacement of the contracted hosting plan, as well as the modification of the price of the service, if applicable.

Sponsored Organizations (DOI services and plagiarism checker). The Sponsored Organization (the client) that hires a DOI plan, authorizes Sponsoring Organization (Cultural Hosting) to provide Support Services to such Sponsored Member, including to act on its behalf with respect to such Sponsored Member’s membership in Crossref. For the avoidance of doubt, the Sponsoring Organization (Cultural Hosting) is not a Crossref member.
DOI Plans are billed every January, regardless of when they are purchased. The identifiers included in the DOI Plans must be consumed during the calendar year, and cannot be accumulated from one year to the next.
The deposit of the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is not included in the DOI services, so the client must deposit by one of the means we indicate when making the purchaset.

Services excluded from all Hosting plans. The following list of tasks is not included in any Hosting service offered on this page, so their completion must be requested, quoted and accepted separately from the Hosting purchase:

  1. The programming or improvement of functionalities of the software that is the subject of the hired hosting plan that involves development and the service of a programming technician
  2. Graphic design tasks, editing images or logos, or creating compositions with images
  3. Web design tasks, creating or adapting themes or appearance layers, as well as HTML or CSS adjustments
  4. The preparation of import files, data curation, or any other activity regarding data that the client wishes to migrate to the software that is the subject of the hired hosting plan.
  5. The preparation, editing, correction or validation of final artwork (including galleys) to publish in the software that is the object of the contracted hosting. That includes PDF documents, HTML, XML, EPUB, HTML5 or any other format will be available online.
  6. The configuration and publication of pages of legal notices, privacy policies, terms of service. The client is responsible for updating the texts and for the legal responsibilities related to them.
  7. The configuration and implementation of metrics and statistics services, such as Google Analytics or Matomo, as well as guidance, training or assistance on the operation any metric or statistic services.

Scope of service: CULTURAL HOSTING offers maintenance, updates and backups in its specialized hosting plans and managed Litespeed Hosting plans, and does so with the following conditions:

  • - The ugprades will be made on LTS (Long Term Support) software versions whose correct operation has been confirmed by CULTURAL HOSTING. This means that although there is a more recent version, CULTURAL HOSTING will not be obliged to perform the update if it detects errors (bugs) or malfunction that limits the use of the application.
  • - In cases in which the maintenance or updates is made on an existing installation that the client transfers to CULTURAL HOSTING when contracting the service, CULTURAL HOSTING will not be responsible for the malfunction of the same and will not be obliged to correct the faults.
  • - In cases in which the client brings an existing installation and it (the software) comes with code customizations (functionalities, themes) or plugins that are not supported by the offical developer, CULTURAL HOSTING will not be responsible for its correct operation, and will not be responsible for fixing the customizations to work properly.
  • - In the case of operating errors attributable to the software (known bugs and reported by the community) CULTURAL HOSTING will try to apply the relevant fixes or patches once the software developer has published them, not being obliged to develop any kind of patch or correction on the software. In any case the client may require this service prior economic agreement with CULTURAL HOSTING.

Return Policy

Cultural Hosting in order to comply its customer treatment and support policy, is trying at all times to satisfy the client. Otherwise , refunds of amounts paid will be governed under the following conditions:

The repayment period is 30 calendar days for the following::

  • Web Hosting (Litespeed Server): 30 days from the purchase date
  • Specialized Hosting with applications installed: 30 days from the purchase date.

Sales returns affect the amount as Hosting (Web Hosting), are being excluded from these refunds the amounts resulting from migration, upgrade, or content development and / or projects, as well as fulfilled support hours.

  • Products with no return period: Records and transfers domains, SSL certificates, software licenses purchased for the client, web services and server administration (webmaster), and any service or product not referred to Hosting Services.

Returns will be requested by the customer through the customer management portal

In any case, the refund requested by the customer will be dismissed in the following cases:

  • The customer has acted outside the terms of the contract.
  • The client has hired the service in order to abuse the trial period (30 calendar days) and discard the product.
  •  The service has been used for illegal purposes or abuse actions (spaming).