Archon to ArchivesSpace Migration Service

Migrating Archon to ArchivesSpace is not and easy task because it's a multi-step process that will require updating the existing release of Archon, launching an ArchivesSpace instance and using the migration tool to connect both environments in a task that involves several hours to complete. In addition, different databse checks must be made in the data source to ensure that the migration process does not fail and we can guarantee the data integrity. At Cultural Hosting we use to launch 2 development instances for this process:

  • - An instance to upgrade a copy of the existing Archon installation.
  • - An instance to launch an ArchiveSpace installation that will receive the migrated data.

For these reasons it is highly recommended to hire a specialized service that provides the requered infrastructure and experience to perform the task successfully. So if you have had problems migrating your Archon installation or want to hire the task, here are the rates we offer:

    • Archon to
      ArchivesSpace Migration

    • 789.00 €

      • Range from Archon 1.x, 2.x or 3.x
      • To the last ArchivesSpace stable release
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* The above prices do not include VAT.

** Taxes only apply if you are based in the European Union.