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Start your project!

Cultural Hosting

Cultural Hosting does not sell just Hosting, there are many other companies out there...
we sell the entire service:
Hosting, Support, Consulting, Partnership

We have a solution for each type of
Cultural Heritage Organization

Take your website to the next level. We take care
while the feed back of your activities grows.

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Web Proyects are the future of cultural heritage dissemination, right?

  • Why not do it properly?
    Follow these rules and everything will be fine:

    # Do not contract a private ad hoc solution, which is expensive and not flexible at all.
    # Be advised of open-source software options .
    # Do not be afraid to change things.
    # Contract an expert on the subject, for example contract us.



code-monitorThe reasons that bring you to us

If you have arrived to our site is due to you haven't found the hosting service that you were looking for your projects. Don't you know the reasons? Let us say just 4:

  1. Because you have found several offers with a wide range of prices, and that is confusing.
  2. Because all the services seem focused to Blogs, Online Shops, or CMS systems that you have never heard before.
  3. Because you have read lots of concepts (rigmarole), that are so far from your daily activity.
  4. Because any company is a cultural area specialized company.


Why Cultural Hosting?

Here are our 6 principal reasons:terminales3

  1. We know what is Dublin Core, ISAD (G) or Marc21, that's fine to begin, ¿isn't?
  2. We advice you about the right way to develop your Cultural Web Projects. And we help you to accomplish them, of course.
  3. We maintain the data interoperability, you won't be captured in a private system. This point is part of our company policy, always been able to use data in different applications. The word "migration" is no longer a headache .
  4. We are web designers, and offer the chance of build your web site in detail, following your sugestions. You won't get a template, you get a customized and responsive website, that fits to each visitor's device. Ahh, and you'll be able to manage contents by your side!
  5. We offer web solutions that respect the international standars of each area (Museums, Archives, Libraries).
  6. We use high quality open-source software, and this together with our interoperability policy, keep us at the forefront of web applications, allowing change the software structure if it's needed or advisable.

A few reasons more ..


Features & Capabilities

Cultural Hosting provides several hosting solutions that fit to each specific requirements


Stop facing server issues.
Take care about your contents, not about technical issues

Sites loading pretty fine

Breath, your site will be loading fine. We know you have enough work preparing content

Museums, Archives, Foundations, Libraries ...

Create, configure, and manage contents, we offer a set of web solutions to ensure web diffusion.


Analytics | Visitor behavior

Why not make a little effort to analyze the behaviour of our web visitors? We provide the tools to achieve the performance metrics of your activities.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The key, using SEO in your content.
The result, you gain a web identity.

We do it all with love, just with a little help from Coffe ; )