Reasons to Choose CulturalHosting.

Let's Continue the list:terminales3

  1. We don't adapt our services to you, they are adapted to the best international practices, and that is the right way, for you and for us.
  2. We are cultural managers with university studies in this area. Yeah, but we love web technologies too.
  3. We don't use any payment software. Forget about paying fees by licence / user / desktop. You'll pay only for the services we provide.
  4. Servers, backups, configurations, email accounts,etc. that is our job. Forget about technical knowledge.
  5. We train your personal in the management of several web applications.

And we refresh the list item that you have read before:

  1. We know what is Dublin Core, ISAD (G) or Marc21, that's fine to begin, ¿isn't?
  2. We advice you about the right way to develop your Cultural Web Projects. And we help you to accomplish them, of course.
  3. We maintain the data interoperability, you won't be captured in a private system. This point is part of our company policy, always been able to use data in different applications. The word "migration" is no longer a headache .
  4. We are web designers, and offer the chance of build your web site in detail, following your sugestions. You won't get a template, you get a customized and responsive website, that fits to each visitor's device. Ahh, and you'll be able to manage contents by your side!
  5. We offer web solutions that respect the international standars of each area (Museums, Archives, Libraries).
  6. We use high quality open-source software, and this together with our interoperability policy, keep us at the forefront of web applications, allowing change the software structure if it's needed or advisable.