Cultural Hosting is here !

After a certain time developing our project, we are ready to offer our services. Specialized Web Services for Cultural Institutions. We know the added value of having the support of an expert in web applications for cultural diffusion, an expert who understands your area (museums, archives, libraries, foundations, research teams) and dominates the tech section, Cultural Hosting.

We can offer different plans to host your site, design and put into production new websites using open source systems like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. CH always recommends the plans with webmaster service, we'll take care of maintenance and upgrades, and you can focus on your contens.

CH can also offer viable alternatives to deploy more specific web projects such as archive portals to publish your documentary fonds, museums to showcase your featured pieces, or libraries which make visible the bibliographic heritage.

So we start this Blog, a means to publish application comparatives, reviews and analysis.  Showing their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, identifying the requirements, the difficulty level for users and administrators, etc. Cultural Hosting will build a reference center for the community. Of course we will try to resolve the doubts that users can have using the comment system (English & Spanish). Finally, we would like to remind you that it's possible to subscribe to our newsletter at any time to get the last posts.

Cultural Hosting Team

Cultural Hosting